Southern View Eli

Southern View Eli is a Tennessee bred black Percheron stallion. This stallion throws strong, correct foals with style, brains and work ethic. 

Eli stands 17.2 hh, has a good foot and is friendly and playful.  Eli is trained to breed in a chute. Safety for all involved. 

You can see Eli around town getting exercise in the fore cart or our daughter riding him around the Ranch.

Eli's offspring are now gaining attention. A three-year-old gelding, Black Hawk, is now a wheel horse in a Canadian show hitch.

DOB 3/8/2010 Reg # 307396

Breeding fee: $400
Mare care $8/day-dry $10/day-wet
Live cover only. 
Live foal guarantee. 

Mares must have clean culture, in healthy breeding condition and free from genetic defects. 
Mares must be halter broke and manageable. 
Fees payable upon mare pick up. 
Contract will be mutually agreed upon. 

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