Our mares have been selected for soundness, agility and personality from across the country from top bloodlines.

We have developed a breeding program for foals to be the showman and workman they are meant to be. 

Century Farm Gabby

Gabby is a classic hitch mare.

She has incredible action that you only see in the show ring.

She's our Grey beauty that throws up headed fancy foals. Gabby brings a top show pedigree to the table.

Rafter R Ranch Mares

Rock Island Bonnie

Bonnie is a pulling machine when logging with her. She never gives up and nothing bothers her.

She's the most curious, always looking for some lovin' and very laid back.

Bonnie is a big bodied 18hh mare that brings excellent pedigree and has solid foals.

Pennwood's Elevation

We were excited to add Elevations excellent pedigree to our program. 

Elevation is a beautiful show mare.

She is a forward moving machine when hitched.

A gentle beauty while we work with her.
Elevation stands a little over 17hh and has style, elegance and pizzazz.

 She will create some terrific show stock.