The Rafter R Ranch uses their selective breeding and training programs to develop horses for true showman and workman. Our training programs are diligent to working with our horses in whatever environ they are needed. We have two main focuses of training.



The working program develops the natural abilities of the

Percheron breed as the massive work horse they are.    

The event training acclimates the teams to          

wagons, traffic and pedestrians.                

Rafter R Ranch Percheron

Hayrides at Local Events

More news to follow soon


Breeding & Raising Percherons




Upcoming Events

Selecting our mares and breeding programs for each new generation, we develop and breed our horses to be the showman and workman they are meant to be. We work diligently to train our horses and acclimate them to whatever environ they are needed.
Christmas Parade 2016.

Annual Christmas Parade in Moravia, NY


Working Percheron teams don't just happen. It takes well-bred,well trained horses to rise to the occasion. That's where we come in.

Team Connie and Dottie out for an Easter drive 2016